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In recent years, the demand for international education has witnessed a remarkable surge among Indian students. The quest for global exposure, quality education, and broader career prospects has led many to explore the possibility of studying abroad. Dehradun, nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas, is home to a growing number of aspiring students who seek to spread their wings internationally. To help them navigate this complex journey, overseas education consultants in Dehradun play a pivotal role.

Why Dehradun?

Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, is fast becoming a hub for education in Northern India. With several prestigious institutions and a peaceful environment, it attracts students from across the country. Moreover, Dehradun’s residents are well-versed in the benefits of international education, which creates a strong demand for expert guidance on overseas education options.

Role of Overseas Education Consultants

Overseas education consultants in Dehradun serve as the bridge between ambitious students and the world of international education and they offer wide range of services which includes:

1CounselingConsultants understand the unique needs and aspirations of each student, helping them choose the right country, university, and course based on their academic background, financial capacity, and career goals.
2Application AssistanceNavigating the application process for foreign universities can be daunting. Consultants provide students with valuable insights and help them prepare a strong application, from drafting a compelling personal statement to collecting the required documents.
3Visa GuidanceObtaining a student visa is a critical step. Consultants guide students through the visa application process, ensuring they meet all requirements and deadlines.
4Test PreparationMany universities require standardized test scores such as the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT. Overseas education consultants often offer coaching and resources to help students excel in these tests.
5Financial PlanningStudying abroad can be expensive, and consultants assist students in finding suitable scholarships, grants, and financial aid options. They also provide guidance on managing their finances while studying abroad.
6Pre-Departure OrientationPreparing students for life abroad is crucial. Consultants offer guidance on adjusting to a new culture, provide insights into accommodation options, and help students make a smooth transition.
7Post-Study Work OpportunitiesMany students aim to gain international work experience after completing their education. Consultants often provide advice on post-study work opportunities, including work visas and job search strategies.

The Benefits of Consulting

There are numerous advantages to consulting with overseas education experts:

1Personalized GuidanceConsultants tailor their advice to meet each student’s specific needs, ensuring they make informed decisions.
2Reduced StressNavigating the complex world of international education can be overwhelming. Consultants streamline the process, making it more manageable for students.
3ExpertiseConsultants possess in-depth knowledge of the admissions process, visa regulations, and cultural nuances, which is invaluable for students and their families.
4Global NetworkEstablished consultants have connections with universities and organizations worldwide, which can open doors to unique opportunities for their clients.
5Increased Success RatesStudents who work with overseas education consultants tend to have higher success rates in securing admissions and visas.

Choosing the Right Consultant

Selecting the right overseas education consultant is crucial for a student’s success. When seeking guidance in Dehradun, students and parents should consider the consultant’s reputation, track record, and services offered. It’s also essential to verify their certifications and affiliations with relevant bodies and ensure they have a transparent fee structure.

List of Overseas Education Consultants in Dehradun

NameAddressContact No.Website
FOSTER EDUCATION CONSULTANTS1st Floor, H, 2, General Mahadev Singh Road, Near Wadia Institute07579210111Website
FD Overseas Education78/1, 1st Floor, Kaulagarh Rd08446139963Website
IDP Education – Study Abroad ConsultantsNO. 52, 3rd Floor, Paramount Tower 125/216, New No, Old, 14, Rajpur Rd01356178888Website
ETA Education Services (Study Abroad and Expert IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT coaching in Dehradun)19-C, Subhash Rd, next to Hotel Pacific07895543287Website
SIEC Dehradun41, Subhash Rd, Near Heritage School, behind Diva boutique09719455770Website
FOCUS OVERSEASNalapani Chowk, Sahastradhara Rd, above HDFC bank08126532259Website
EspeIndia110, Chakrata Rd073388 28899Not available
Europe Study Centre825/1, Street No. 2A, Kaulagarh Road, Rajendra Nagar08446139963Not available
Career brick consultant (Vani Associates)HOTEL JAN JAN TAK, General Mahadev Singh Rd09910522496Website
Career Launcher Study Abroad37, C Maharani Bagh, General Mahadev Singh Rd, opposite LIC Office09528598094Website
Oyster Worldwide Education110, Chakrata Rd08859171716Website
Nepcoms Services33, Subhash Rd07088606121Website
BlueStar Overseas Education Consultants3, Cross Rd, opp. BSNL09456767289Website
Kanan International DehradunAbove Royal Enfield Showroom, 34 HR Tower09557722747Website
Manya – The Princeton Review1st Floor, Reliable Tower, General Mahadev Singh Rd, opposite Wadia Institute09258855550Website
Overseas AdmitShop No. F-2, Sidcul Shopping Complex, Sahastradhara Rd09045198757Website
Secured Education4, 2-1, Tilak Rd09837037446Not available
Manuj Mittal- Career Counselor in Dehradun18 A/1-B, Subhash Rd09897544293Website
TIRUPATI MBBSNehru Colony Rd09837380002Website
CAPS EDUCATIONFirst Floor, Equinox Business Center, Rajpur Road, Near INCOME TAX OFFICE08394040040Website
Overseas Education Consultants in Dehradun


In the ever-evolving landscape of global education, overseas education consultants in Dehradun serve as trusted allies for students embarking on their international academic journey. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in ensuring that aspiring students find the best-fit institutions and courses, pursue their dreams, and build bright futures on a global stage. With their assistance, Dehradun’s students are well-prepared to navigate the complex process of studying abroad, opening up new opportunities and horizons for a promising future.

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